Good morning my lovlies!

The new and one size larger 3-in-1 jacket got a real world trial with the Starbucks run this morning, cause it’s 28 FREAKIN’ DEGREES OUT THERE. It was warm and comfortable, even over a very substantial hoodie, so, a successful purchase.

The overnight front that came through with all the damn winds at least cleared every cloud from the sky and it is a sharply sunny morning out there, and the LilyMonster approves.

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, in a loaf pose in sunbeams on the floor
Mmmmmm, sunshine

On the work front, yeeeesh, it’s gonna be a rough two weeks coming up, and I of course thought of a couple more tweaks I need to add to my scenarios – but the good part is that for the two I have setup already, I can just add to what’s already there, I don’t have to trash everything and start over. And, I thought of a better way to do the initial validation in my test spreadsheets, so that’s good, too.

But it also means I’m gonna work today – but, if I can get through one full test run for one calculation formula today, then I can use that template for everything else, and make life a little easier, and honestly, that will be worth it, as much as I’d just rather not.

And I’ll be perfectly honest – this particular app, I LIKE testing on it! It’s like a puzzle, but one where I know exactly where all the pieces are supposed to go, and when one doesn’t fit, I can see it right away. Now, figuring out WHY it doesn’t fit – that can be kinda hard, but it’s a…fun challenge? I know I like it better than new features where I have no fucking idea where the pieces are supposed to go in the first place, LOL.

But, in a nod to it being the weekend, I’m bringing my laptop downstairs and we’ll be working with spring training baseball on in the background.

And on that note, I’ve got a bigassed cold brew at my side, a very sunny room, and it’s time to change laptops and engage in my bad work habit of “Oh yeah, you screwed shit up, fine, I’ll do my job twice as well as I already do!” LOL. Retirement cannot come around soon enough.

You have a lovely Sunday, and don’t be like me, avoid work!

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