Woohoo, it’s Saturday!

And I didn’t tell anyone to piss off at work yesterday! Even when someone called a 4PM meeting! But the meeting was good, cause we were able to tell a rather vexed client that we have a solution to their angst.

I will say, I am in between a damn rock and a hard place for the next two weeks – nothing BAD by any means, just…oof, it’s gonna be kinda ugly. In the next 10 days, I need to have all my app testing done for our newest version. But, I also know we’re gonna have one more feature dumped in to boot.

Thing is, it’s not like the testing and fixing will stop after 3/31 – I can (and will) test and retest and retest right up until we release this new version – this is part of why I’m making this comprehensive testbed that I can re-use over and over for this one particular app. And, I’ve wanted to do something like this for freakin’ AGES vs just “setup for the problem at hand” and just never had the time to do it.

And it’s not like I’m only just starting on the new version testing – we’ve been working on it for ages – but I’ve been constantly having to go back and work on the current version and boy howdy has that just sucked up time. Every week for the last three months, I’ve sat down and said, “THIS IS THE WEEK I KNOCK OUT THE NEW VERSION TESTING!” And…something in the current version goes sideways and that is where I have to focus my time and now I have a buttload of new version testing to plow through. The trick is gonna be “can I be left the fuck alone to just work on this one thing”?

We’ll see!

You have a great Saturday.

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