How is it only Tuesday?

Today was one of those days that illustrates why I try so very hard to knock off work after 8 hours.  Near 50 hours last week (that should have been 36) plus having to check in on things over the weekend – while also on a big ol’ cleaning spree – then 12 hours yesterday – and today, I was dragging ass like you would not believe.  

But The Thing that has been plaguing me is done. And we didn’t even have to call in an old priest and a young priest.

Around the house, all I have left to do is clear out the parlor, a couple loads of laundry, a wee bit of drywall patching, and that’s it, I think. My brother is still going to town on the basement and all he says he needs from me is to hold the vacuum cleaner while he hits the rafters with it at some point this week.

The realization that there is so little left for me to do is a huge relief and also a wee bit of a curse, cause my brain is very “well, we could skip a day of working on things…” No brain, we are absolutely not going to be doing anything last minute other than some vacuuming and looking about to make sure there isn’t anything truly mortifying sitting out on a table somewhere.

And as such, I’ve hauled out the headphones, put on Myths & Legends, and I’m gonna get some shit done tonight. Doesn’t have to be a lot, but it’s gonna be something. Go team clean.

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