Dammit, it’s Monday again

And I’ve got a big ol’ case of “I don’t wanna!” – mainly I just do not want to spend another day dealing with The Thing. I am very tired of The Thing. I have spent roughly three weeks dealing with The Thing. I want The Thing to go away.

I know my developer wants it to go away, too, as well as the rest of my team, but I’ve been stuck with testing it and I really, REALLY want it to go away, Maybe today will be the day!!

On the house front, I had a pretty good day again yesterday – dining room is all done, and I am in the throes of “toss or wash” with the laundry room. Next is the parlor and two new lampshades are on order so I can actually see what I’m doing in there – the current ones are near 40 years old and the lining has deteriorated and gotten very dark and not much in the way of light is actually escaping. (Though I’d love nothing more than to just unplug the lamps and tell the appraiser, “trust me, there is a room there” LOL.)

And my email tells me that this build and deployment did run this morning, so I’m off to the races to see if we can put The Thing to bed once and for all.

You have a great day and I hope you can get whatever Thing is plaguing you off your plate.

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