Goooood morning!

It’s a grey and ick day around here, but I have every curtain open and every damn light on in the house, and the Christmas tree lights, which helps a tiny bit.

I have a substantial, but not completely overwhelming to-do list around the house, but I have my comfy pants on and my headphones are charged up, so I am ready!

And on the subject of the comfy pants – it was a fail that accidentally turned into a success. When I realized “oh the comfy pants are why I am getting things done” I couldn’t pin down why I’d been just putting them on vs jeans in the morning to start with. Then I remembered – I’d been trying to get in a yoga session before work – total fail there, never happened – but it made everything else easier. Fail to success doesn’t happen often, LOL. I WILL TAKE IT.

One item on the list today is changing the bedlinens which means I will get ALL the damn Fitbit points today. I will be trying the burrito method for getting the duvet cover swapped out – we shall see if it works!

And I will need those Fitbit points because I made the mistake of stepping on the scale today out of some utterly misguided curiosity. Yeahhhh, there are some holiday pounds there, LOL.

And it’s time to pry myself off the couch and go be amazing around the house, cause I have big Not Housework plans this afternoon of playing with legos and putting together a sheet pan dinner of garlic-herb roasted potatoes with chicken sausage. (She says in the same breath as “oh, where did that weight come from” LMAO.)

You have a fantastic day!

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