Oh for heavens sake

Is being awake at 5-5:30AM just my life now??!? Wednesday was a very weird dream, but yesterday and today? No reason, just, awake! Even Lily is very “Uh, this is not my fault” – and it is definitely not.

And it’s a half day Friday. I could have slept in a bit, but noooooooooo. But, it should be a relatively chill morning – I have one thing I have to test today because the hi-viz client is probably gonna want an early version of the fix, but that’s the only critical thing.

Account manager came to me yesterday telling me support was probably gonna flip the case to us – I just went straight to support, took a look at the case, replicated it, hit up my developer and she recognized the problem and checked in the fix straightaway. But support hadn’t even tried to replicate it, despite having it for 2 1/2 days, and when I told them “get X and check Y” – they passed that task to the client. NO – YOU get the data and check it. And if you don’t understand what you’re checking – ASK ME.

I know I am hard on support, but I did that job for 6 years and the shit they’re getting away with compared to when I was in that department… Hooboy. I am not asking them to burn themselves out, but please at least try to replicate the problem. To be clear – I always try to help whenever I can, it’s just internally that I am very WHAT THE FUCK – because this could have been replicated the day the ticket came in and we wouldn’t be sitting here the morning before a holiday weekend going, “Hope the fix works!”

Despite this, I will be doing my level best to get offline ON TIME today and enjoy my long weekend.

You have a great Friday!

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