Welp, back to the grind

But we’re easing back into it to be sure – I don’t have a full 5 day workweek until the last day of January at least!

The current cold snap seems to be done and we shouldn’t be seeing single digit temps again at least for the next 10 days. Now, if I could just get the humidity in the house – or just my bedroom – over 30%, that would be awesome. Even with my room humidifier running all night, the best I can do is 29% and my nose and sinuses do not like it one bit.

Vacation time has definitely been a success as I have zero idea what I will be working on today and I couldn’t tell you a single specific client problem. I’ve even logged on to my email cleared out all the automated garbage, which was easily 2/3 of my inbox, which will make things easier when I get upstairs and actually have to think about what is left there. And I’ve been clearing out all my Teams alerts all week – 95% of which have nothing to do with me, so that makes the morning a bit easier as well.

OK, well time to go upstairs and get back into this thing they call “work mode” – whatever that is. :-D

You have a great day and may whatever you do to pay the bills not whack you over the head.

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