Happy Day After It All!

I hope your holidays were lovely or at a minimum, not complete shit. Either way – you got through it, so good job!

Year 2023 – if you’re reading this… I know you’re looking at the last couple years and maybe thinking, “I want no part of this” – but just hear me out. The bar is SO freaking low for you. Just hold off any new plagues, keep the weather extremes to a minimum, and stomp out the current plague. A mere three items on the to-do list. Bonus if you can get the Nazis to crawl back into the various caves they came out of.

As for myself for 2023, this is the week of contemplation of what I would like to accomplish next year vs. what I can realistically do… And let’s face, the gulf between those two is usually very wide and very deep. More than anything, I’d like to do a wee bit more than just surviving, cause I’ve been doing that since March of 2020, and it’s getting a bit old.

Though, I am looking forward to the navel gazing – it’s something I do enjoy far too much.

And since I have today off work, I think I will be giving myself the day off everything else, too, and just relax and eat and read and just quietly exist.

You have a wonderful day.

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