Goooood morning!

Looks like 8:30 is going to be my wakeup time this week, and I love it cause I am a) waking up refreshed, naturally, and b) it feels ridiculously virtuous to wake up before my 9:30 “weekend” alarm, LOL.

And waking refreshed was extra important this morning because Starbucks mobile ordering was down system-wide this morning and I had to actually remember my order when I went in. (And of course, I have a high maintenance order…Trenta cold brew, with whole milk, and 4 pumps of caramel.)

JFC, Twitter. They’ve rescinded the link ban, and EM has put out a “should I quit?” poll, which has come out with a resounding “Get Out” result. Imagine 10 million users telling you to Fuck All The Way Off. LMAO.

I’d love to think that the users made him this miserable (and we certainly have) but I suspect that he met with his Saudi investors in Doha during the World Cup and they told him to GTFO. But, who in their right mind would take the job? I’ve unknowingly walked into some disasters, but this whole debacle has been so public and visible, I don’t even think you could trick someone into taking the job.

This week I learned something interesting – Sinex saline spray is an “over 18” purchase. Confused the hell out of the cashier, too, as she was scanning and suddenly going, “Wait, did you buy medication?” I guess cause it has some kind of propellant in it? I mean, I am kinda of addicted to being able to breathe through my nose.*

I’ve pretty much decided I’m not going to do the big bake this week – maybe some mini quick breads, but that’s it and I’ll do my part for the local economy with getting tea cookies from the Swiss Bakery. So, that trip and one more stop at the grocery store for the Entenmann’s cheese danish and we will be holiday ready! (Why not get a nice danish from the bakery? Because the danish has to be an Entenmann’s, because it just does.)

Well, we’ll be holiday ready from a fridge & pantry standpoint. The living room and kitchen both look like they’ve been hit by a tornado and I should probably do something about that before the weekend rolls around. If I sit on the couch and think really hard about it, do you think the rooms will magically clean themselves? Maybe?

I have my lovely Tody app at the ready, but I’m so behind on EVERYTHING that it’s showing 89 tasks due/overdue…so I should probably pause a bunch of those so I stop looking at it and becoming totally paralyzed trying to contemplate what to do next…

I’m still fascinated by that ADS-B Exchange flight tracker website and trying to figure out why a German military Airbus A-400 just took off from Dulles airport and is currently flying over West Virginia. (And I wonder why I don’t get other things done. BUT IT’S INTERESTING!)

So, the plan for the day is to have a bit more coffee, put on my headphones and cleaning music, and go to town around this house until I collapse.

You have a great day!!

* Three tests in the space of a week tells me it’s not covid, it’s just fucking winter, a house full of dust, and not enough humidity. I have also passed the Yankee Candle test. Protip: Don’t be dainty with it. Put a kitchen towel in your lap and squirt that stuff up your nose til it overflows. It’s just saline, it won’t hurt anything to overdo it.

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