If I were a billionaire

and was hellbent on buying a social media site…there are some things I might do differently than a certain person is doing.

– Not pay 44B for a company with a net worth of 13B

– Double, hell, triple the Trust & Safety staff and make sure that staff is diverse AF and that marginalized communities who get a lot of harassment are actually represented there.

– Fix the verification process, not this “buy a check” bullshit.

– Ditch the Nazis. Seriously, advertisers actually like it when they don’t have to worry about promoted tweets being right next to white supremacist shit.

– Ignore the haters. Seriously, I am a billionaire, I really don’t give a shit about a reporter being critical of me.

– Let people link to whatever the fuck they want as long as it’s not actual malware or illegal shit. Cause I’m not an idiot and if I’ve made my site good, people aren’t gonna flee, and I understand that people use different social media sites for different purposes.

– Not randomly change the rules because my feelings are hurt and apply them retroactively.

– Don’t run the fucking site via polls.

For being a billionaire, Elon is an idiot.

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