Happy Half Day Friday!

And who is going to have a leisurely pre-work morning and log on at such a time that she actually has a half-day when she logs off at 1PM? THIS GAL!

In fun Adulting things, I get to call my insurance company today, WHEEE. My acupuncture isn’t covered by insurance, which is fine, but the flex spending company won’t let me submit the receipts directly, they have to be “denied” by insurance first. Fine. But when you submit the claim to insurance, you literally just give them the date, amount, and upload the receipt.

Well, on two receipts, the automated scanning system plucked a provider name out of thin air and they’re going “OMG, we can’t find this provider’s license numbers, etc, etc” – all these things are on the receipt, with my acupuncturists actual name. It’s not even like it scanned Sarah to Syrah or something like that – it’s a TOTALLY DIFFERENT NAME.

There is nowhere on the website you can “edit” the claim to fix it. I emailed (via the insurance message center) saying “here is the EOB and the receipt – please have a human look at the receipt and you will see that you have the information you want already” – got a response of “the reason your claim isn’t processed is because we have no information on [provider our system made up] – so, yeah, that didn’t work.

So now I get to call and force a human to look at these and fix the provider name so they can be properly “denied”…

And you know what? I’m gonna eat that frog and get that done before work even starts today.

Honestly, one year I’m gonna full on decorate for Halloween with really scary shit. Skeletons and witches and vampires on hold with the insurance company, paying bills, dealing with water leaks, that kinda stuff.

You have a great day with no need to call the insurance company!

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