One more game…

My beloved Padres had a bullpen collapse last night and we lost to the Mets, so this afternoon is win or go home. Snell had a bit of a rough outing – really high pitch count, but when he was done, we were only down by 1 – and then it all went to hell.

Meanwhile my celebratory postseason t-shirt I ordered a week ago is not scheduled to arrive for another 9 days. MLB, tell me you don’t give a shit about out of market fans without telling me you don’t give a shit about out of market fans. If I could order directly from the Petco Park team store, I would certainly have done that instead.

The Festival of Donald is winding down and I’d say it was a resounding success. The porkchops I made Friday night were *perfect* and delicious, the goodies from the Swiss Bakery are excellent, and we went to the Renaissance Fair yesterday with a couple of friends and that was a very good time. I’d never been before – I see why people like it! I threw some axes (I’m terrible at it) and had some great crab dip and a smoked turkey leg, which was awesome. And there were so many amazing costumes. I did manage to resist buying a hat, but I did get a gorgeous purple silk scarf/wrap/whatever. I’ve also kept the program with all the vendor lists, because holy Christmas ideas Batman.

And after some mental math and risk assessment, we all popped into the bar for a couple beers – saw several folks I haven’t seen in a while, which was nice. But the amount of “what have you been up to?” – um, still playing avoid Covid – whew, yikes. It’s a bit disheartening that Covid is somehow just totally over for so many people. I mean, it must be really nice to just do whatever and not take it into consideration at all, but damn, I do feel really alone sometimes being the weirdo that still acknowledges Covid on a daily basis and centers it in my decision making.

In super mundane shit, I messed up with the tire pressure a couple weeks ago and this morning was getting the DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! message again – we got down into the 30s last night and the PSI dropped again. Realized that last time I topped them all off, I did 32/33 PSI because even though it said “go to 35” I was thinking, well, if the tires are cold, the PSI will go up as I drive and then they’ll be overinflated and explode-y – not thinking at all about the fact that the PSI they tell you to hit is the sweet spot regardless of if the tires are hot or cold when you fill it… So, I came home from the coffee shop, got ALL THE QUARTERS because of course, air is not free, and they’re all now at a happy 35 PSI and I shouldn’t have to deal with this again for a long time.

Protip for anyone buying a car, new or used – have the dealership remove all the caps from the valve stems and put them back on hand-tightened. Much easier to get them off later if you’re not dealing with them being factory tightened. (Three of the four came off with no issues, the 4th took some serious wrestling.)

But look at that beautiful symmetry!!

Nailed it!

I am still knackered from all the walking yesterday so today is gonna be restful right up until 4 when the Padres play. You have a great Sunday.

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