Good grief

Some days I swear the MLB just hates the fans.

Last night they said in the broadcast that today’s game – originally scheduled for 7PM – would be 4PM. Cool, especially since last nights game went well over 4 hours.

I absolutely bulldoze through my brain being in “wait mode” for this game, get the critical stuff done around the house, 4PM rolls around, I turn on ESPN – college soccer. I’m sorry, what?

Oh, the game is at 7PM now. I searched Twitter for any actual announcement of “Oh, that game that was at 7, then 4, it’s now 7 again. Not a damn thing, but I did find one person who got to Citi Field for the not-4PM-anymore game…

I get that because we’re the only wildcard game left, they want it in prime time – that’s fine. But maybe make a point of telling people that the time actually changed??

* Please someone tell me how throttling defense by banning the shift will speed up pace of play next season.

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