Yay and WTF?!

The game was great, the Padres won, and I got my half smoke from Ben’s Chili Bowl!

And right before the game, Fernando Tatis Jr started a fucking 80 game suspension for a banned substance.

Best case scenario, he’s an idiot who didn’t clear a prescription through the team doctor. Worst case scenario, he cheated. I hate both options – it’s bad for him, the team, and the game.

And whoever has been advising him through this didn’t do anyone any favors – he popped the positive in March – if he’d just taken the L at the start of the season, the suspension would have been over and done already, but by dragging it out, it messes up two seasons. (Also don’t understand why appealing has taken near 5 months.)

And management is all concerned about his maturity. Newsflash, people in their early 20s are generally idiots, even if they’re exceptionally good at sports. (Also, if this was a white player – would it just be an unfortunate lapse in judgement vs a maturity issue? IDK.)

But it seriously sucks.

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2 Responses to Yay and WTF?!

  1. Ashley says:

    I really liked the first sentence of this post!

    His ringworm excuse was goofy enough, but then it somehow got goofier: https://twitter.com/Hareeb_alSaq/status/1558243253962641409

  2. A Dreamer says:

    What a whole ass mess.

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