It’s my weekend, YAY!!!!!!

And it’s slightly bonkers. Haircut. Three baseball games. And last week at the 4H Fair, I bid in a silent auction for some art, and I won! So, gotta get over to the farm park to boot. Really, REALLY glad I took Monday off to recover, LOL.

And all of this right as the CDC says, “Eh, do whatever, right next to each other if you want.” Yikes.

I do envy people who can just decide at the last minute they’re gonna go to a ballgame – or really just do anything last minute, LOL. My levels of prep would make Tenzing Norgay say, “You are overthinking this.” But the fact remains – I *am* crossing the Potomac Ocean.

Parking is sorted. Jersey is clean. Pants with ALL THE POCKETS are all clean. T-shirts to go under jersey are all chosen. (All baseball related, of course.) Windbreaker has been located, as I know it’s going to be *just* cool enough at the end of the night games that it will feel good. Tiny umbrella coming along in windbreaker pocket to ward off any summer storm delays. Ice packs in the freezer, so I can have a cold Coke waiting in my little lunch bag in the car. (Sometimes folks are selling drinks outside the stadium after games, sometimes not.) Wristlet has been converted to crossbody by rigging up some matching lanyards. Scorecard notebook found. Anything even remotely interesting has been removed from the car. (I don’t think it would get broken into, but I’m also not gonna tempt fate.) Couple straws from my Starbucks stash in jacket pocket – cause last time I was there, no straws and no sip tops on the cups.

I hate the new bag policy at the park, but it is what it is. Technically my wristlet is “too thick” by like 1/4 inch. But – you don’t have to take things out of your pockets anymore, so I could just shove it in my inside jacket pocket or pants pocket and that problem solves itself. Can’t measure what you never see. And yes, I did just double check to be sure it fits in my pants & jacket pockets, LOL.

But I am so flipping excited to have 4 days off and see my Padres and have multiple half smokes from Ben’s Chili Bowl. YAY!

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