Four Cheers for 4H!

I’m still amazed we have enough kids to support a 4H fair, but I’m glad we do, cause it was awesome. It’s at our county farm park – Frying Pan Park, and I am so glad it has made it through Covid – I half expected the county to shut it down and sell the land. It’s a neat place even when there isn’t a fair.

It was a fantastic day, walked a couple miles, saw lots of animals, and got myself a corndog. 100% successful day.

Checked in with the permanent residents first, of course. Baby cows!

The two draft horses, Charlie (golden) and Jeff (brown).

The piggies staying inside and cool on a hot day.

Five pink and black pigs, sleeping in straw in a barn

This (alpine?) goat that had kicked over his water trough, because he could. (I alerted staff on this, and it was fixed when I saw him next.)

A black and white alpine goat, standing next to a kicked over water trough. He is unrepentant
And I’ll do it again!


Three blonde sheep eating grass in a field

Dairy farm stuff, and a Cindy sized house. (I know, it’s a shed, but I could make it work.)

Love these pollinator gardens – so beautifully messy.

Chickens, peacocks, and turkeys!

Then it was on to the 4H critters! So many horses! Vesuvius, the one next to the hay bag – everyone was his new best friend. I got to pet him and he snuffled on my shoulder, and when I told his person I thought he might be disappointed that I didn’t have food, she said, “Oh, I have treats, would you like to give him one?” WOULD I??!?? Ruby was also all about nose rubs, too. Lola was more interested in her lunch, LOL.

Lots of sheep and goats! I found Shaun the Sheep!

And then, baby chicks! I got to hold the little black and white one, and it dozed off in my hands. OMG.

An aquarium with yellow, black, golden, and black and white baby chicks
Ridiculously soft

Arts and crafts didn’t disappoint.

And of course, I had to hit the gift shop, and got a couple needle felted animals for Lily from a local fiber artist, and I kinda had to get a t-shirt – gotta support the park!

I am such a big kid when it comes to this stuff and I love every minute of it. So glad it’s back.

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