Hey, you made it to another Friday!

Well done! And as a reward, Netflix has dropped all 10 episodes of Sandman just for you!

I’ve gotten very used to new shows doing weekly drops (like in the olden days, LOL) so I don’t know if I’m gonna binge watch the whole thing, or make it a “one episode every Friday night” thing. I love a good binge watch, but I have found that I really enjoy “ooh, new episode this week!”

In other fun stuff, I had to replace my little wristlet wallet because a) it was legit starting to fall apart and the cards wouldn’t stay in it, and b) Nats park has a “nothing bigger than a clutch” policy* this year. This one is a little bigger than my old one, but it zips up so nothing can fall out, and has a cell phone pocket – which isn’t quite big enough for my cell phone, but it does perfectly hold a power bank and cord. So between that and my pants with ALL THE POCKETS, I am good. AND LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS WITH ALL THE SUNFLOWERS!!!

A black wristlet wallet with yellow sunflowers on it
Happy flowers!

And I am VERY excited about the 4H Fair this weekend. Animals! Crafts! Death rides! Corndogs! And apologies in advance to every kid that is gonna hear, “So, tell me all about your rabbit/chicken/cow!”

Well, time to go tackle the thing I was working on yesterday where things wouldn’t add up right.

You have a fantastic Friday.

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