Well, how about those Padres?!

AJ Preller worked some magic at the trade deadline and we now have Josh Bell, Brandon Drury, Josh Hader, Jay Groome, and Juan Freaking Soto! And in their first game together last night, Drury hit a grand slam and we roughed up the Rockies 9-1.

This team looks so good – we have *depth* – we can let guys have days off and it won’t feel like there is a hole in the lineup. And if last night was any indication, some awesome chemistry.

And I’ve decided to go to the upcoming games, because a) I REALLY want to see this team in person and b) it occurred to me that even if it is outside, I can still wear a mask. (Bit of a duh moment there.) And given that the Nats aren’t doing so hot this season, when I got the tickets, there were a fair amount available, so it looks like I’ll have some empty seats around me, LOL.

I guess this is “living with Covid” – perpetually trying to figure out how I can leave the house safely. And I know if *I* am tired of the constant risk assessment, I know that disabled folks in this country must be utterly exhausted as they’ve had to do this every damn day, forever.

Interesting bit is that our cases around here are starting to drop again. Slowly, but dropping. Though, if I get Covid at the ballpark, feel free to tell me it was a dumbass move.

Well, time to go make the money to pay for those baseball tickets. You have a fantastic and safe day!

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2 Responses to Well, how about those Padres?!

  1. Ashley says:

    I was thinking of you on Draft Day! You’re absolutely loaded now. My Yankees have already begun their inevitable downward slide, so I assume I’ll be rooting for you in the Series. 😉

    And glad you’re going to go see some live sports! Our MiLB stadium gets too packed for me to attend right now, but I’m definitely leaning towards a UConn football game or two this fall. We might be hilariously bad, but having attended no Huskies games in any sport since 2019, I’d weep with joy over hearing the fight song in-person even after a loss.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Yes, I hope you can get to some football! I know you love your Huskies so much. :)

      I still can’t get over this team we have right now. So many rebuilding seasons that never panned out.

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