Haaaaaaappy Friday!

Day off today, so I keep having to remind myself it isn’t actually Saturday – pretty proud of myself that I didn’t attempt to go to the farmers market today, LOL.

My company is doing a nice thing to help folks feel connected, and I genuinely applaud the effort. They have installed an app in Teams that will set up meetings between two random employees so you can meet new people. If you’re an extrovert, this actually sounds fun! If you’re an introvert who just wants to get in, get the work done, and go the fuck home – this is hell, LOL.

Thankfully, it does seem to be an opt-in thing, so I’ll be passing. With my luck, I’d be paired with the CEO on a day where I had Very Strong Feelings About Corporate Policies. But, I will give them points for trying.

Of course, on the heels of that, the director of our department said he wants to try to do a holiday luncheon again in December, and with some in person meetings to justify flying people in. Yaaaaay. I opted out of lunch year, and if there is any kind of virtual option this year for the meetings – I think I’ll go that route. I can skip an uncomfortable lunch. If our case counts are under control, that’s one thing, but I have my doubts that we’re going to see any improvement on that front.

I appreciate our director wanting to get everyone together to do something nice – but dammit, there is still a pandemic and trying to make plans for anything 4 months away seems ill fated. But I appreciate his optimism.

I’ve now managed to pleasantly fritter away the whole morning, and now I’m gonna go run some errands and then pleasantly fritter away the afternoon and evening.

You have a good Friday!

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