I really do try to shop local first

Amazon and the like are great for things I can’t find locally or don’t have the time to go searching for locally. And boy did today demonstrate that.

Three and a half hours of running around to not find what I was looking for. My preferred old lady vitamins that were supposedly in stock at alllllll the local drugstores were nowhere to be found. Grocery store, Walmart, CVS x3, Whole Foods, and Walgreens x2 – nope. Also apparently just missed an armed robbery at the Walgreens. Walmart.com did in fact have them, despite the manufacturers website saying no one was selling them online. Of course, this was the same website that said every drug store had them in store.

And Amazon had to do for a grill ash disposal container – at least this one is sold and shipped by Amazon vs the fly by night folks I ordered the last one from that had a carrier listed of “Truck”…

And now, I need a damn nap.

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