Happy(?) Memorial Day

And a definitive HAPPY start of summer! And there is always someone pissy about people enjoying themselves on Memorial Day weekend – so on behalf of my deceased Navy father – enjoy yourself. I have great faith in your ability to multitask and both spare a thought for those lost in war and drink beer and cook with fire.

And if you’re from a country that the US fucked around with and don’t feel super charitable to our military? That’s OK and I hope you have a lovely cookout.

In hyper local news, I think I know who knocked over the catnip plant – likely the big chocolate siamese that was just now sitting in the window. Props to Lily for not totally losing her shit upon seeing another feline seemingly floating in midair outside the window. (Lily was a little WTF?, but not bad.) I don’t think she’s a stray as she has a good coat and a bit of chonk and I’ve seen her once before quite a while ago – and I snapped a pic and it looks like there may be a collar. I gently shooed her off the window and went outside and assured her all was well, she just couldn’t be in the window.

A chocolate siamese cat sitting on my porch
Our morning visitor

All my good intentions of doing a reset around the house this weekend have fallen flat. I’m a combination of too tired and too…IDK, scattered? I have managed to keep myself fed and brush my teeth and take care of Lily – but beyond that, not exactly a barn burner of productivity around here. Did get this beauty assembled today, though, and we’re gonna have properly grilled brats tonight.

Bright red compact charcoal grill

Yes, it’s tiny. But we also don’t need a giant grill and I don’t want a giant grill. A little charcoal grill will do just perfectly, especially since we now have a giant bag of charcoal, a 3 piece grill tool set, and a grill cleaner courtesy of the grocery store raffle.

I have also watched a fuckton of Letterkenny this weekend – I had seen bits of it on the web, but didn’t realize it was a full blown series, and on Hulu. It is so damn dumb it is fantastic, and it’s about the weightiest thing my brain can handle.

Though I am about to go prune a tree with my brother, so that certainly counts for something.

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