Dammit, my brother was right

Being around people was good. Our friend has installed a big fancy tent (for lack of a better description) in his backyard with a hard roof and screened sides so we got to sit outside and enjoy the evening with no bugs and good food. He did the grilling miracle, which is chicken – somehow it did NOT come out burned on the outside and raw on the inside.

And there was a wonderful dog named Bailey there, too. Lily was a wee bit WTF when we got home. “You left AND petted a dog?!”

It was nice and weirdly exhausting – got home and stretched out on the couch to watch some TV and suddenly couldn’t keep my eyes open and despite a fair amount of sleep, I am still knackered this morning. Very, VERY happy we’ve got a three day weekend and very jealous of my coworker who is taking this entire week off.

I yearn for the day when everything – even nice things – aren’t so damn exhausting – it has to happen eventually, right?

I need to get a trail cam of some sort for the porch – something had some fun with the catnip plant last night. (Yes, it is to be repotted shortly.) I’d love to know what it was. Cat? Fox? Squirrel? Chupacabra?

A catnip plant knocked completely outside its pot

At least our mystery guest left the cherry tomato plant alone. It has TONS of little green tomatoes on it! I have no idea what the varietal is, I picked it up at the farmers market and it had a bunch of blooms on it already and some little tomatoes, so I figured it at least had a solid start, and I’ve not killed it yet.

Cherry tomato plant stalk with a cluster of little green tomatoes
Can we get them to red?!

I’ve also got a new addition to the indoor plants – an orchid! From the grocery store, no less. (Not sure if my green thumb grandma would think that was awesome or horrifying.) And smart marketing on these – they call them 3 ice orchids – because you just have to put 3 ice cubes in the pot once a week.

A purple orchid on the fireplace mantle.

And they’re cat safe, too! For whatever reason, I thought that orchids weren’t good to have around cats – but the googles tell me I am wrong, which is nice, because I do love orchids and have wanted to try my hand at them.

Not sure what I’m going to do with myself today – I think maybe some time with dirt, a few bits around the house, and try hard not to doomscroll. The doomscrolling is going to be the hardest part, I am sure.

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