It’s gonna be a good Tuesday

Things were well enough under control when I left work yesterday that I SLEPT IN UNTIL 7AM TODAY!

I have one thing that has to be finished today and it’s already halfway done and that should be finished by lunch. My next deadline is June 1, and I have plenty of time to get everything done, even taking into account the holiday, leaving early tomorrow, and the fact that we’ll probably get booted out early on Friday.

My other task today is going to be getting hold of the master capacity spreadsheet that the leads are using and figure out why and how it is so fucked up – cause that’s got to be part of the root of our over-commitment problems. It’s not a secret spreadsheet or anything, I just only learned of its existence in the past couple weeks, and I just need to understand what on earth is going on.

Am I overstepping my bounds? Quite possibly. Do I care? Not if it gets the capacity situation squared away.

You have a fantastic Tuesday! I know that’s my plan.

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