What. A. Week.

And it’s not over, waaahhhhhhhh. The plan for doing some prep work to make the upcoming week easier is out the window and it’s going to be actual work – there just wasn’t enough time to wrap everything up last night. :( Going from 3 maintenance releases a month to 6 SUCKS. Zero stars, do not recommend.

What’s frustrating is everyone is overloaded so things are getting missed. One thing I’m working on involved the structure of the tables being changed – like, 10 tables. First thing I did was look to make sure all the tables had been updated before processing things. Well, one got skipped. Asked about it Wednesday, didn’t get an answer til Thursday, the dev put in a database change request, that didn’t get touched until Friday morning and wasn’t finished until the evening build Friday night. And I’m mystified as to how this was tested in another database – I guess they just ran the process and it didn’t blow up, so all good.

And, it meant that something I’d tested earlier in the week had to be re-tested, cause though it was for a separate defect, it involved the same tables and when I tested it, I was running on the assumption that all the tables had in fact been been updated. Definitely my bad for choosing poorly on what defect to work on first. I did at least get that re-tested last night, so that’s something.

I’ll readily admit that I’m sitting here dithering cause the alternative is unpaid work in some form or fashion, either around the house or for the shareholders, and I don’t really want to do either.

I suppose I could just say, “Fuck it, I don’t work on weekends” but that is gonna make Monday a true hellscape and Mondays are bad enough on their own. I’m debating bringing the laptop downstairs and working with the TV on. but I’m not sure if that would just slow me down, and I don’t really want this to take longer than it has to, but I also don’t want to be locked upstairs all afternoon.

But first, I think I need a sandwich.

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