Happy Very Early Friday!

Yep, 6AM alarm is now gonna be the norm for a while. Yesterday, had I gotten in just a half hour earlier, I would have been done by the time the daily build ran in the evening instead of having to go back upstairs after dinner – and I wouldn’t have been online when the big boss sent the “client found another problem, can you take a look at your earliest convenience?” email to myself and my coworker. (And earliest convenience would have either been last night or the middle of next week.)

I like my job and I have a great team, both in dev & QC. For a while we were doing 3 monthly releases plus work on the new version, and we did it pretty well. We’re down to 2 monthly releases and the new version, which would also work well. This 2 monthly releases, new version and special weekly release – it’s just…IDK, it seems to be the tipping point between “things working well” and “JFC, do we even know what the hell we’re doing?”

But, it’s not permanent, and I keep reminding myself of that. And we’ll get better at it. But right now, hooooboy, we suck at this.

And I may be working this weekend, not work work, but getting some prep work out of the way for Monday. Obviously, I’d rather not, but it will make things smoother Monday morning. We’ll see.

You have an excellent Friday, and don’t let the bastards get ya down.

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