Spring is trying to come around

70s yesterday, could hit 80 today – and then we’ll be back down in the 50s for the rest of the week, but it’s trying to get here. Heat didn’t even come on last night or this morning, much to Lily’s dismay. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can put the humidifier away for the season.

Just heard on the BBC that the Russians want the Ukrainians to change their constitution as one of their demands. Fuck that shit. And they’re calling for humanitarian corridors that only let people evacuate to Russia. Fuck that shit, too.

These are some of the bravest people I’ve seen. Right up there with the folks in every other country that Russia has fucked with in my lifetime. We need to sit down and think about why we’re seeing so much more coverage of Ukrainans than we did about the Syrians. (I mean, I know why, but we need to talk about it.)

This crap finally broke my brother and he went up to the bar last night just to get out of the house cause he was climbing the walls. I don’t blame him and the place was dead cause it was a Sunday night with no major sporting events and he texted me about having a 10′ bubble around him. If that damn nuclear power plant that was getting shelled Friday night had exploded or melted down, I know I would have just headed to the bar…

I know for myself, just going to work in the midst of all this feels really – IDK, disrespectful, dumb, sad, indifferent…something. Not that I can do anything about a land war in Eastern Europe, but it just feels shitty.

And in the midst of all this, Biden is calling for people to get back to work in person. Talk about a fucking unforced error there. I’d like to think that a Warren/Castro administration wouldn’t have pulled this dumb shit.

Well, my “don’t lose track of time while you’re drinking your coffee and writing” alarm has gone off, so it’s time to grind those gears for capitalism.

Take care of yourself.

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