I’d like a different timeline, please

The trucknuts are here in town – spent yesterday in Maryland claiming that there was “a trap” in DC – weird way of saying “I don’t know how to drive in DC” but OK. So, they’re gonna drive around the beltway until their “demands” are met. Mind you, Covid restrictions have been dropped left and right, so they’re just being petulant assholes.

And on NextDoor, some Karen is bitching about vet offices still doing curbside pickup. They’re trying to protect their staff from people like you, idiot.

These are the same people that consider Red Dawn a documentary and think they would be as brave as the Ukrainians in the face of true crisis, but all they’ve done is prove they can’t handle even the slightest inconvenience.

The Ukrainians…may whatever gods or goddesses that may be out there bless them. I wouldn’t wish what they’re going through on anyone except possibly Putin himself and several members of the US Republican party. Having a madman living next door is terrible.

And the rest of the world…I mean, I understand why they don’t want a no fly zone. It’s easy to think that it’s something that is mutually agreed upon as a “cooling off” mechanism, but it’s not, and is something that has to be enforced – and if we can’t even get a ceasefire for evacuations – someone would definitely have to shoot down a Russian plane. And it doesn’t help that fuckface keeps saying basically that any help would be considered an act of war, but we have got to figure out how to do more.

Sanctions sound great, and I love seeing yachts getting seized, but on the whole, they don’t hurt Russian leadership. I suppose it could cause the regular people of Russia to try and overthrow Putin, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he just killed his own people, he’s that much of a monster.

I just feel very helpless and angry.

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