Happy Birthday to Me!

And let me tell you something kids, being 50 is REALLY FUCKING WEIRD. 20 was boring cause 21 is the cool birthday. 30 really bothered me. By 40, I didn’t give a flying fuck. (Pretty great, TBH.) But 50 – it’s just really, really weird and I am having a hell of a time processing it. I’m not really bothered by it, I just can’t get my head around it.

Didn’t ever expect to be living through a whole damn plague. And I really thought we were done with Russia being huge dicks, but here we are.

And now I’m at the point where I have to be thinking about retirement. (I always have been, but it’s really on my mind now.) Is it practical to try to get old in this house? (Probably not.)

But there is cool shit, too. I have a computer that fits in my damn pocket that has more processing power and storage that my first desktop computer. I have a goofy cat and a good brother. There is cake, eclairs and cookies. There is going to be Outback takeaway for dinner! (Though I admit to being a bit salty that on the rare year the weather isn’t frozen shit, there is still a plague to keep me out of a restaurant.)

And the birthday coupons are rolling in! $10 off at IHOP. Got my birthday Starbucks this morning. 20% off at Hallmark. Mini set from Sephora. Pretty sure I’ve got a free pastry or something from Panera, too.

It’s certainly weird, but not all bad.

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