OK, it’s not ALL shit

And it’s important to remember that in the midst of *waves arms* all this.

Went to the market and this CDC change has been met with basically the same reaction as when the state dropped the mask mandates last May, and that reaction is, “Fuck that noise.” (Granted, we still have a problem with folks thinking that covid stops at the entrance to restaurants, but I think that’s a lost cause.)

The grocery store had Grapefruit Smashes back in stock! Gotta say, this canned cocktail trend is surprisingly good. Devil’s Backbone also makes Orange & Lemon smashes – orange is a touch bland, but the Lemon one is great, as are their Margaritas. (I get fancy with the margaritas and actually put them in a glass with a salted rim.)

And somehow a bag of Honey Graham M&M’s ended up in my basket – they’re new and I am definitely intrigued, and not waiting for Easter to try these.

I also realized that I am sure that the leftover chicken tikka would be excellent added to a salad, and the leftover curry & rice means I don’t have to cook tonight.

Hang on to the small things.

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