Why am I up so early?

Seriously, 8AM, on a Saturday, I rolled over and was just…awake. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just weird. But hey, more weekend to be enjoyed!

My Shop app tells me that I have a package from USPS coming today – I think it is the test kits?! Granted, they took near a month to get here and Omicron seems to be in our rear view mirror, but good to have anyway. I’d honestly given up on them ever actually arriving and had written it off as another admin/USPS failure.

Our 7 day average is down to the low 300’s, nicely down from the peak of 2590 this time last month. Hopefully this surge will be properly over soon – we’ve still got a ways to go before my ass is in a restaurant again, but hopefully before summer. I miss being all fancy and having a sit down lunch somewhere.

I am still just gobsmacked by the fact that we have gone through the worst surge since the pandemic started and government on pretty much all levels just pretended like it wasn’t even happening.

It’s one thing to accept that we’re going to probably have seasonal outbreaks forever. It’s quite another to just be all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about it. I’m all in on everyone doing their part to mitigate risk to the community, but you just CANNOT put it all on individuals, because as we have seen – half the population of this country utterly sucks. Thousands of people are still dying every day and I keep reading bullshit takes of “well, we just need to move the fuck on cause the only people dying are old or disabled, and they can just stay home and we can go back to pretending they don’t exist.” Jesus Fucking Christ.

And these folks railing against restrictions – PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT THESE MYTHICAL RESTRICTIONS. Here in Virginia, everything is open and has been since last May. There are no restrictions on the public whatsoever. Some private businesses are still requiring masks, but they’re few and far between. I have yet to be asked about my vaccination status by anyone other than my employer and that was to get 2 floating holidays. You can do whatever the fuck you want – and the case numbers over the last month show that a lot of folks have been doing just that.

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