Decisions, decisions…

So, my brother is going to go watch the Super Bowl with his buddy this weekend – I’m not totally sure I’d do it – but it’s two vaxxed & boosted people that have been on their best pandemic behavior sitting in a living room, so short of staying home, I think it’s pretty safe.

That being said, it means I have the house to myself and I GET SALMON! (My brother isn’t a big fan and I always feel weird making it just for myself if he’s around – I know, I should get over it.)

I was just going to get some from the grocery store, but I have to get my car inspected today, and it’s right over by the butcher shop – and I need to get some ham shanks* for ham & bean soup and they’re the only ones that have them – and they have salmon, too.

And they also have crabcakes. And stuffed shrimp. And steaks.

I’d been thinking of doing some kind of fun takeout tonight, cause it’s out of the question tomorrow** – but I suddenly have a ton of very yummy options I’d not considered. And supporting a local business to boot.

* When I got the Honey Baked Ham at Christmas, I got a 1/4 bone in size, so we could use the bone for soup. Somehow we got the quarter of the ham that had no bone in it, LOL.
** Takeout on Superb Owl Day just is not happening – I will not add to that hell for any kitchen staff.

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