Though I do wish my ability to schedule the appointment hadn’t coincided with the newest variant, but there is a leak, so…

I feel a bit guilty about having them do cosmetic stuff with it, but as long as they’re going to be here, might as well get it all knocked out.

The fix for the leaking toilet valve is very necessary. The shower handle/valve is solving a near future problem, as you have to turn it off exactly right to keep it from dripping, so it’s on its last legs. The upstairs bathroom faucet…well, it squirts water sideways and the aerator is so old and corroded that I can’t even get it off – not really a huge problem, but a new one would be good given the old one is 30+ years old. The powder room faucet is totally cosmetic and so Lily doesn’t have to scrunch down so much to get a drink. (But it is also 30+ years old…)

While I’ve looked at the instructions and theoretically I could replace the faucets, 35 years ago my Dad thought the same thing and one of the water supply pipes shattered in his hand. (We’ll be getting braided flexible supply lines today for that exact reason.)

But, we’ll all be masked up, the upstairs bath window is open for extra ventilation, and I’ll only be near the plumber for a few minutes to show them what needs to be done, so it should be reasonably safe.

Still gonna be doing some quick tests starting in 36 hours, tho. (We have 4 kits…and no way to replace them at the moment…great job Abbott labs.)

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