Could I not be exhausted, please?

I would like my government to get its shit together and do good things for people. I am tired of trying to fight off a future Republican authoritarian regime while watching centrist/moderate Dems do absolutely fucking nothing – Biden included – because they’re rich and white and they’ll be just fine whatever happens.

I’m tired of watching half the country not give a shit about Covid, even as our numbers are spiking again. I willingly mask up when I go out, but I’ll be honest, it tends to make me a bit claustrophobic, which makes errands even more tiring.

I’m tired of having little to nothing to look forward to, because, see above.

I’m tired of governments on every level pushing Covid response & prevention as a personal/individual responsibility – I’ve done every damn thing I can and I can’t make other people care or force them to get vaccinated or not travel or wear a fucking mask. Folks can only do so much on an individual level.

I realize a Warren/Castro administration would have had its own issues and challenges, but at least we would have had an administration that was fighting for us instead of this milquetoast corporate Dem bullshit, where everyone stands around and goes, “Gosh this is terrible” and fucking nothing else happens.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to have any faith in this country anymore, and that sucks cause I’d like to have faith in this country.

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