Good to have one more day off

Cause I woke up in a terrible mood – the recycling truck showed up 2 days late at 6AM with no communication from the company and after we gave up and pulled in the bin yesterday…

I love how I keep hearing “don’t panic about Omicron” – like I have the energy for panic anymore. I mean, after 3 years of 45, then a year of 45 + pandemic, then a year of pandemic + Senate Democrats – this country has pretty much broken me. (I am legit wondering where else in the world I could retire.)

And my cold brew is horrifically bitter to boot.

The plan was to bring up the Christmas tree today, but I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit meh about it. I’ve moved all the plants already so the spot is super naked and really needs the tree – except for the fact that there is now a cat sitting there.

OK, the tree may have to wait a bit

So, to try to get my head straight, I have eaten some leftover chicken, hydrated, let the cat move, and brought the tree up. Though the tree topper has gone AWOL (no sentimental value to it, I just liked it, but it can be replaced), the lights are nice and I’m glad I hauled it up here.

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