It’s my Friday!

And work is gonna be a slooooooog today. I’m not working on anything particularly difficult today, but it’s feature testing, which isn’t my favorite compared to defect testing – so much of feature testing is “we don’t know what we don’t know” and trying to figure out, “how would the client try to break this new shiny thing?”

The target due date was today, but that’s going out the window since development is still making changes, but I’ve hit the critical points of getting the data from point A over to point B, adding more data and bringing it back to point A – and that actually works! (Not without a few hiccups on the point B side that held things up a bit, but it works now!) So, “missing” the date isn’t the end of the world here, especially since the big stuff is OK and overall, testing of all the new features on the next version doesn’t have to be totally done until the end of January. But still, oof, I’ve technically missed a very soft deadline.

On the Turkey day front, I am stressing over the stupidest thing. We’re getting a turkey breast from Honey Baked and now I’m having all kinds of second thoughts. What if it’s terrible? What if it’s not terrible, BUT JUST ALL WRONG?! My brother has pointed out that we will still have stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, crescent rolls, petit fours, and a fuckton of cheese and salami. But still, WHAT IF I’VE RUINED THANKSGIVING BECAUSE I WANTED TO SLEEP IN??

Seriously, brains are fucking stupid.

And our county Covid cases are ratcheting upwards yet again. And at the current trajectory, we’ll be back in high transmission by the start of the month… And with everyone deciding that the pandemic is over and traveling all over creation for the holiday…$1 says we hit it sooner. I know we all want the damn thing to be done with – I know I do – but pretending it’s over is just making it worse. We don’t seem to be able to do what we need to do to break the transmission chains, and it’s just so depressing.

A chart showing Covid case numbers increasing.
We need to be under that green line…
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