I am on PTO!

I didn’t even get snippy with anyone today – folks will figure out their shit on their own. The realizations may be slow to arrive, but they’ll get there.

Everything that needed to get done today, got done.

My brother was kind enough to clear the fridge, so that was the last housekeeping bit that needed to be done around the house for Thanksgiving.

I do not understand how I can be this exhausted after a whopping 2 day workweek, but I am not sure I’ll even be up until 11 tonight.

But I am off work for the next 6 days. YAY!

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2 Responses to I am on PTO!

  1. Ashley says:

    I am so glad you’re off and get to relax! Cats can’t pet themselves, you know. (Or floor-cuddle.)

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