Friday? More like FriYAY!

I don’t know where that came from, but I had to get it out of my head. But – you made it to another Friday! Half day of work here, and the afternoon chock filled with errands.

When we got our boosters last week and the pharmacist said, “two weeks and you’ll be boosted!” I thought, fuck, we’ll be back to bad levels by then. Welp, our numbers have taken a hard turn and I’ll be shocked if we don’t hit substantial again when today’s numbers come out. Sigh.

I swear, we’re never gonna get out of this.

Please, get your booster shot – if you’re thinking, “I don’t qualify” – oh, but you do – the list of “underlying conditions” is a mile long and if you don’t make it on the bullshit BMI numbers, MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES are a condition – and I swear, if you haven’t been experiencing anxiety and depression over the past 20 months, well…

And not getting a booster isn’t going to make a dose appear in an underserved country.

Please, get vaccinated.

I’d like to have an indoor cocktail before May.

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2 Responses to Friday? More like FriYAY!

  1. Ashley says:

    I qualified for a booster (done in like mid-October, I think?) because of depression and anxiety. WHICH EVERYONE HAS RIGHT NOW. Get your shots!

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