Happy extra sleep day!

Though I would trade it back in a second for sunset to not be at 5:03PM tonight… (And it’s dark even earlier than that here, cause of all the trees around here.) Bleah.

We’ve got some intrigue in the Virginia house races – Delegate Mugler down in Hampton conceded – lost by less than 100 votes, and then the election folks said there had been an error in the count. So, concession has been rescinded and it would seem a recount is in the works. There is one other recount going, so I think at best it would get us to 50/50, so not enough to control the house, but one more person to try and hold the line.

The final numbers for the Durham Foodraiser are in and it was over $38,000!!!!! That is going to help so many families over the holiday break.

And in a fun thing, on Friday, I got my hairstylist to curl my hair and it is awesome! Early on, I had shown her a couple color/cuts with curls and she interpreted it as “cut/color only” and would just blowdry my hair straight, which was fine, it always looked nice, but I gave up on curls, cause I felt like an idiot who didn’t know the code words for “please curl it”…

When I went in Friday, the gal right before me got curls, they looked awesome, I said as much and my stylist said, “Oh, would you like those? We can do that!” YES, PLEASE!

And then I discovered when I booked the next appointment online, if you scroll alllllllllll the way down there is an option for “Style: Curling Iron” – for the last, IDK, 3-4 years, I’d never seen it. I am a fucking moron. But, a moron that now has curls added on to the next appointment, and curls that have held since Friday.

Hell, if our case counts continue to drop and stay in Moderate, I may make an appointment just for a shampoo/blowdry/curl on Friday so I can look fancy for indoor beer. (Someday I am going to be one of those old ladies that is in every week for a shampoo & set, just like Grandma K did every Saturday. I don’t know how much hairspray they put on her, cause it lasted the whole week.)

Enjoy your Sunday, and get out and about while there is still some light.

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