One thing will always baffle me.

Turnout. If what I’m reading is correct, D’s turnout was shit here in Virginia.

I’m perpetually pissed at the Biden administration for one thing or another, and livid with Senate Democrats.

I was excited to vote for my delegate Kathy Tran (she won), and Hala Ayala. Herring was “Eh, he’ll be fine” and I will totally admit that McAuliffe was… “Ugh, FINE, I will do it, but I won’t love it.” (I didn’t think he’d be a total fuckup in office, just wasn’t my first choice.)

So, I didn’t go to the polls with unbridled enthusiasm. It’s not the first time the folks I voted for in a primary didn’t make it to the general – I’m kinda used to it.

But not voting? Was never an option, especially this year.

I genuinely don’t get it. I want to know why people who voted for Biden last year, just didn’t come out at all this year.

I know it wasn’t access – all the expansion we did last year, they made it permanent – and now that’s been pissed away.

I just want to know why they didn’t care enough to vote.

But I’m sure we’ll get a TON of great interviews with racist Karens talking about how they had to PROTECT THE CHILDREN from CRT. (Yeah, white women were at it again here.)

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