Why is it dark?

I mean sure, I know how the seasons work and all that, but I got up at my regular time this morning and it is still dark out there. Like, WTF, Mother Nature – dark wakeups are for Wednesdays only.

In some good and stupid news, my back is easily at 95% of good. However, in my machinations to protect it, I pulled a muscle in that spot where your leg & torso meet. I despair at what I’ll hurt trying to help *this* muscle heal.

Voting at lunch today – didn’t do early this year – last year was such a clusterfuck and I didn’t want to mess with that again. Our precinct is well run and even in Presidential elections the wait isn’t long and vaxxed & masked, I feel fine going in person this year. I’ll be happy for it to be done, cause I’m sick of pundits yelling that Dems aren’t energized and whatnot – if Dem voters can’t distinguish between what our state legislature has been able to do vs. Congress, well, I don’t even know what to do about that.

But Democrats everywhere need to run on more than just “we’re not fascists” – I think our delegates have done a very good job of that at least.

I’m still pissed at Biden and Senate Democrats, but I see no reason to fuck up Virginia out of spite.

Go vote today.

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