I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of offended that Monday is here again already and I have to work the entire week. Broken record time: FOUR DAY WORKWEEK AS THE STANDARD.

And in all my domestic goddessing this weekend, I found muscles I forgot I had, plus a hip joint that I guess I wasn’t using that much, LOL. (It would seem I got into all kinds of awkward positions vacuuming the stairs.) Let’s get this day started with some Advil!!

OMG, just remembered a dream I had last night – got laid off from work (not my current job) – folks in it from my *first* job – and I was like, “bitch, I have 20 years experience, I’ll find something new” – it was just so weird that people from I job I had legit 25+ years ago are still wandering around in my head. But now that I think about it, it seems like whenever I have “lose my job” dreams, it’s that first job with all those people – very weird.

Welp, time to go do the thing and stop the “lose my job” dreams, LOL.

You have an awesome day.

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