Thunderstorms on and off all night – thunder, rain, sleep, thunder, rain, sleep – repeat until around 5:30 when the loudest damn thunderclap I’ve ever heard went off right over the damn house. Jumped out of my damn skin and spent a good 5 minutes just trying to get my heart rate back down. It’s the big topic on NextDoor this morning. (Our ND is blissfully boring.)

Car is still at the dealership – they’re trying to trigger the “audio system unavailable” and having no success. (Guess there are not error logs in the onboard computer.) When I dropped it off, they said that sometimes it happens when there is a system update, which kinda makes sense, but also, how is my car contacting the mothership for an update?

If they can’t come up with anything, I’ll take the “system update” explanation, even if I don’t quite understand the mechanics of it, and the user manual offers no solid explanation as to how these updates take place.

On the Covid front, I am super selfishly pissed off about the booster situation – I’m not eligible. JFC, let folks take the extra step to protect themselves and others against the fuckers who won’t get vaccinated. County is 65% fully vaccinated. Transmission levels are still high, our vaccination rates are totally flat, and I just have to hope my immunity doesn’t wane? Honestly, when the 6 month mark rolls around, if we’re not looking at vaccine shortages, I will be sorely tempted to just lie about my status and get a booster.

If you’re even *marginally* eligible – I’d say go get that 3rd shot. You gotta protect yourself against those who won’t be responsible. And I hate that we’re at “it’s us against them” instead of “us against a pandemic” – but, if you can keep yourself out of the hospital, that’s a win.

And now, I’m going to go drown my anger in a shower, because I can’t think of a better way to have the car dealership call and let me know my car is ready.

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