Happy Hump Day

And today’s exciting staycation activity is…taking the car to the dealership, LOL. And I’ve just gotten a text from them letting me know I can do contactless check in. But, there are no instructions on how to get them the keys, so yes, I’ll be checking in with a service advisor when I get there.

And they’re gonna loooooove the assignment, because unless the onboard computer has log files they can download to possibly see why the car decided the audio system should shut off – they’re going to have to go in and manually check every speaker connection in the car, and that is gonna be a hella pain in the ass. At least my brother is following my up there and I’m just leaving the car so I don’t have to sit around and try to entertain myself while they work on it.

And today it’s in the 70s, threatening rain, and humid as fuck. The indoor temp is right in that spot of “too warm for the heat, too cool for the AC” so I woke up to an icky, sticky house. I’ve cranked down the AC because though the temp may be fine, the humidity has to be dealt with. (Yes, I know it’s a dumb not-really-a-problem problem.)

Ooh, other fun thing, it’s Outback day! If I can’t eat my way through Williamsburg this year, at least I can pick up a nice steak and baked potato tonight.

Well, time to go navigate the gargantuan parking lot of a car dealership I’ve never been to before. Fun times!

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2 Responses to Happy Hump Day

  1. Ashley says:

    My local Outback closed, meaning I have not known the cheesy, gentle, dare-I-say sensual touch of Alice Springs Chicken in two years. Next time you place an order, gently whisper to the menu that I miss it.

    Same thing with temperatures and humidity here! The East Coast is gross. I love it, but it’s gross.

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