So, it’s staycation time!

And this is weird. I have been trying to think of any time I took more than a long weekend where I had no “reason” to be off work and I am coming up empty.

But, I do have a few things on tap for the week. Acupuncture appointment tomorrow, and I was able to switch it to the afternoon so she could give the after-work slot to someone who needed it, so tiny good deed there. Friday I am getting my hair done. And Wednesday, I have to take my car to the dealership, OMFG.

Twice in the last week, I’ve gotten “audio system unavailable” – the googles tell me it does that if it thinks one of the speakers has blown out (dumb, IMO) but I know all the speakers are working, so I suspect a loose connection to one of the speakers somewhere. At least it is warranty work. (I will not be paying jack for repairs when the car doesn’t even have 1500 miles on it yet. Fuck that noise.)

I did remember to take a picture of my saved Sirus stations this morning, because I am betting they’re gonna have to disconnect the battery, so at least I will be able to get those all set back again.

And today is long hot shower & extra yoga day, because last night I went to get something out of the car and didn’t realize I was on the edge of the driveway, stepped off into the grass, rolled my ankle and fell on my ass, all while my arm was still firmly holding on to the car door handle. I don’t have any specific injuries, just everything is a little “ow” today. Not the ideal start to the week, but I’m not in traction, so I can deal.

You enjoy your day, I’m gonna go self-medicate with the water pik shower attachment and lots of stretching.

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