Achievement unlocked

Found the hood release (well hidden) and wiper fluid reservoir (very well marked) in the new Jeep. This is a result of discovering a new feature on the car this week – a light when the wiper fluid is low. At first I was very “WTF?” and then I thought about it for a moment, and yes, I have been using an inordinate amount of it. (Like every time I am in the car – that windshield sparkles!) And the warning light is again off, yay!

And vacation time is here! And it’s kicking off with the Mount Vernon Colonial Fair today. All outdoors and should be a good time – tons of vendors and while it’s not my beloved little local fall festival, it will work. I also bought an annual membership since they have stuff happening year round, and I should take advantage of it since it’s not that far away. (Not me thinking about discounted tickets to the whisky tastings.)

My brother has been getting me all caught up on the Marvel movies and last night was Infinity War. WOW THAT SUCKED AND I HATED IT. “Oh, did you really like that character? GONE NOW!” (I know what happens next, but, still.)

Well, time to go play tourist!

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