Good morning!

It’s another Monday and I have not won the Mega Millions or Powerball, so I guess I’ll be working instead of leading a life of leisure and philanthropy. Ah well.

The BBC is showing an “ugly tomato” event somewhere in Europe. Silly, but I’m glad they found 30 seconds to not cover death & destruction.

The weekend was lovely – got all my (admittedly bared boned) items ticked of the to-do list yesterday by noon and spent the day stitching. I somehow mucked things up a bit on the left – it’s too wide, but I know how I’ll work around it and how to fix that far left apple if it still looks too wonky when I get done.

Work in Progress of Christmas wreath cross stitch, center done and two apple added in the lower left
Happy Stabby Time

And it’s countdown to staycation time! 4 days, 9 hours and 42 minutes! Which also means some extra admin time this morning looking at my to-do list schedule and making sure that everything that needs to get done, gets done. (Everything should be in fine shape, but I don’t want to realize on Friday morning, “oh shit!”)

Still super pissed I’ll be stuck at home, but I’m working on fun things to do with my time. Be interesting to see where are case counts are – we *may* be off the peak for Delta here in the county – as of Friday we’d been down to “substantial” for 3 days – we’ll see if the trend continues when they update the numbers today. (I so wish they’d not stopped updating on weekends.)

Welp, time to go to the thing so I can take vacation time. You have a great day!

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