Feeling *slightly* better this morning

Glad they didn’t do all the inaugural balls yesterday so Biden had time to get some executive orders done.

This is a decent start – but we can do better. Don’t see anything about the horrific treatment of people at the border, and that needs to be addressed immediately.

We’ve got an extension on the student loan pause. Fine, that gives us a couple months to get all the ducks in a row to cancel student loans altogether. You want to kickstart the economy when Covid is done? This would do it.

Mask mandate for federal buildings – that is 110% something the last administration should have done.

And we’re back in the WHO, joining Covax and repealing the Mexico City/Global Gag Rule.

I know we can’t – and shouldn’t – do everything by executive order. Congress is going to have to stop worrying about upsetting Republicans and get shit done.

Now that we’ve got everyone sworn in and the dust is settling, I’ll be putting together a letter this weekend to my reps & the White House. It’s really a wishlist I’ve been working on since the election, but I need to put it out there and hopefully someone will read it and at least realize they have at least *one* constituent who wants to see some progressive action.

This new administration & Congress aren’t remotely progressive enough for my taste – and I’m prepared to be disappointed repeatedly over the next two years – but I will keep annoying the fuck out of all of them in the hopes we can keep dragging them leftwards.

We have the resources to do amazing things – we just need the damn will to do it.

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