God bless any of y’all still reading these rantings

Maybe once things are back to semi-normal and I can get out and talk to people for extended periods of time, I’ll have less need for this stream of consciousness outlet, but until then…sorry, not sorry.

I’ve figured out which Command Strip hooks I need for the coffee mugs! The large metal hook ones will fit the bill – unfortunately they only come with white backing, not clear – I was hoping for clear because the wall in the kitchen is taupe, but the white will do fine and clear some cabinet space.

And when I looked yet again at the measurements on the medium ones – I figured out the problem – the illustration showing the depth on them looks like it’s showing the depth of the hook by itself, but it’s actually the depth of the hook *and* the backing. So what seemed to be perfectly deep enough for a coffee cup handle was decidedly not.

I’ve got one on the wall and will be waiting the obligatory hour per the instructions to actually put a mug on it. Then we’ll wait a couple days to make sure it doesn’t fall off before doing more. (They’re supposed to hold 5 lbs, but better safe than broken coffee mugs all over the place.)

In 100% unrelated news, I am so glad I kicked myself back into doing yoga regularly. It hasn’t fixed all my problems or anything, but it does feel good while I’m doing it, and I can’t say I’ve experienced that with any other exercise. (I mean, I feel GREAT when I stop, but not the same.)

And though it feels like there is some other thing I need to do around the house today, my to-do list is all ticked off – so, I think I’m going to go take a nap with the cat.

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2 Responses to God bless any of y’all still reading these rantings

  1. Ashley says:

    Still reading! And glad you’re back to yoga. :)

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