A bleary eyed happy Monday to you

Too much news & stress yesterday and I did not sleep for shit. Not the ideal way to start off a full 5 day, no early-outs week.

That call that 45 made to Georgia’s Secretary of State is just…nuts. Typical and possibly criminal, but seriously, just batshit. And if it’s like everything else in the last four years – there will be zero consequences, which is maddening.

I’m glad they sent the recording to the Post – but they only did it because 45 tweeted and lied about it – if he’d been quiet, they wouldn’t have said anything, which doesn’t speak particularly well for Georgia officials either.

But hey, to all those Republicans who are looking for fraud, I think we’ve found it. Still wanna show your ass on Wednesday?

And I don’t know about you, but I wonder what he’s said on other calls in the past 6 months. OK, past 5 years.

January 20th cannot get here soon enough. Sure, we’ll still be dealing with a ton of fallout from this administration, but we need to get this man out of office. You know he’s going to still be scrambling to stay the morning of the 20th – who knows what else he’s going to try.

I know that none of it will matter – Biden can be sworn in on his front porch and work from Camp David, and 45 will not be President anymore. His cabinet secretaries aren’t going to barricade themselves in their offices, and the military will be happy to see his ass out the door. (Hell, as far as the agencies go, I think there are career staffers who would gleefully carry cabinet secretaries to the front door.)

But the chaos he’s gonna try to sow over the next 16 days. That’s going to be ugly. (Not that the last 4 years haven’t been ugly as fuck, but still.)

So, on that cheery note, I’m going to go pretend like everything is fine so I can grind those gears for capitalism. Yay, America.

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