I swear…

Getting older is just a series of bodily insults. I have developed a fucking allergy to my deodorant. I’ve used this brand for AGES, but now, it makes me itch like crazy. (And the sad part is how long it took me to figure it out – I kept thinking it was the seams on my t-shirts or maybe a bit of razor burn.)

So, sorry Dove, we’re switching over to Old Spice Deep Sea. (Sadly, with no eels, per its labeling, but it does smell very pleasant and not like baby powder.)

In Covid news, the CDC director got a spine and got honest:

I mean, we *knew* this – we knew it would take at least a year to even get a vaccine, longer to distribute, and harder since we’re not cooperating internationally. Still – a bit of a kick in the teeth to hear it out loud that we’ve got another year of this.

And to think back at the beginning of May some rando outside the butcher shop told me it would all be over by Memorial Day. (I did not believe him, and I am sure he is not a happy camper these days.)

So I coped the way I have been coping – got some more face masks, LOL. In my defense, I have 3 non-VB ones that I just don’t like and are “last resort” masks, and I might as well ditch them and replace them with ones I know fit & don’t bother me.

So, I guess instead of counting up from Plague Friday (188 days!) we start counting down to Q3 of next year. Or maybe be super optimistic and go for Labor Day?

Well, either way, work hasn’t stopped, so I’d best go tend to that.

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